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1. Sport is not anymore a sole leisure activity as it was at its origins and during the greater part of the 20th century. Today it is a full scale economical and financial activity, and one where big money is involved

Football is of course the most notorious representative (other word would be better) of the financial prowess of current sports activities. International football transfers of more than 1 million euros do not surprise anyone anymore, with current top leader Mr Neymar who was transferred in 2017  from FC Barcelona to PSG for 222 million EUR


2. Moreover, where sports is still leisure and practised at the amateur level it has necessary economic ramifications/consequences, as the recent Bifi judgment of the EUCJ has stated/showed.

A second development, in the slipstream of the economic development, is the  development of a lex sportiva. Sports federations create their own legislation, regulations and tribunals independently of state legislation and state courts.

This results  not only in the inevitable clashes and obstructions with the state law but also adaption by state law (Mutu/Pechstein case)


3. Our mission is therefore to create a network of law practitioners interested in studying, researching, commenting and contributing to the development of current sports law.

The aim of ESLA consists in providing the practitioner lawyer and in particular the sports lawyer with practical information about sports law topics?

The ultimate goal of ESLA is to provide useful and up to date information in sports law in order to allow the sports law practitioner to better defend real cases


4. We can only succeed with your help and contribution. Whenever you have a topic suitable for our mission you can put a paper on “PUBLICATIONS” . If you find a contradiction or disputable point of law or judgment you want to discuss, you can  put it on our “Red Flag” section, which is our platform for discussion of current disputable topics. You are of course always welcome at our “EVENTS”

If you are interested feel free to join us and register